Usage Guide

What kind of place is Hagu Hagu no Ki?

“Hagu Hagu no Ki” is the Minami Ward Childcare Support Center and it provides assistance, and supports people who raise a child/children and those who wish to help them. It welcomes not only you and your child/children, but also mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Expectant mothers and their families are welcome as well. Please feel free to stop by anytime and spend your time in this comfortable, relaxed place. Regardless of disability, nationality, generation or age, we shall make the place where we all can share the joys of children’s growth and childcare support.

6 function of “Hagu Hagu no Ki”

 For all parenting families
Providing a place for parent(s) and child(ren)
The stuff members welcome you to this place where little children and parents can get together with other families. Our staff will welcome everyone warmly.
Consultation on Childcare
The stuff members are here for you so please feel free to talk to them about your worries and ask them questions on raising child/children.

Counselling room is available for serious matters.
Information Providing
The Center provides the local childcare information, which we collect and arrange well so that you can find your references easily. We also deliver such information through our web site and newsletters to the people who cannot come to the Center.
Yokohama Childcare Support System
This system supports the people who would like to leave their child/children with caretakers and the people who would like to look after the child/children by registering as members, then help the parenting together in the local area. We help making connections among the members.
 For the people engaged in Childcare Support in Minami Ward
Establishing the Network
We support making good relationship among the people who are engaged in childcare, parenting, and the networking to assist childcare in the community.
Human Resource Development
We hold classes and training programs on childcare and parenting support as well as provide the opportunities for the people of the community to get involved in supporting Childcare.

Cpmmunity Space

Here are “Hagu Hagu no Ki” Childcare Support Community Space in Minami Ward’s usage general rules:
Eligible people: People living in Yokohama City; who are parents with their newborns or preschoolers, expectant mothers and their families, and the local people engaged in Childcare Support.
Open on Tuesday through Saturday

*Closed on Sundays, Mondays, national holidays. However, when Monday is on a national holiday, the place is closed on the following day. It is also closed during December 29th through January 3rd.
To use our system, you need to register as a member.

-For first time users, please fill in/out the application form at the reception and receive the “Riyosha card” or membership card.

-For the second time users or repeaters, please bring your “Riyosha card” with you when visiting here. 
When entering and leaving the center, please show us your “Riyosha card” at the reception area.
Please write the name of your each child’s on a color sticker then put it to on the child, where everyone can see. The stickers are made in different colors according to ages of the children.
“Riyosha card” (membership card) are also made in 6 colors according to six residential areas.
Nakamura-Maita area pale purple or lavender
Osannomiya-Minamiota area light blue or aqua
Nagata area blue or azul
Idogaya-Gumyoji area light green or olive
Mutsukawa-Nagatasannodai area yellow or amber
Ooka-Bessho area orange or persimmon
outside Minami Ward pink or peach
* Lunch time is 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM, except for lactation, baby food, hydration are okay anytime.
* Please do not bring snacks.
* Pot and microwave are free to use.
* Please take off your children’s socks while playing as possible.
* Please follow the instructions given from the staff in times of disasters (earthquakes, fires, etc.)
Bicycles, Car Parking, Perambulators/Baby Strollers
* Please park your baby stroller at the appointed place on the 2nd floor, in front of the elevator.
* There is no parking space for bicycles or cars in the Center.
Library Usage
* Each child can check out up to three books for two weeks
* Please come to the reception for borrowing and returning the book(s).
Cafe Corner (Refreshment Service)
* Please pay 50 Yen for a cup coffee or tea (self-service). Discount coupon tickets are available at the reception.
* We request that you only drink on lunch mats, please.
Other Concerns
* Please take your garbage/rubbish or baby’s nappies/diapers home with you when you leave the place and do not dispose them into the garbage cans and rubbish bins at stores in the neighborhood. Thank you.
* Please remember that you are responsible for your own valuables.
* We request that you use the bed in the toilet for changing baby’s nappies/diapers, please.
(You can also do it in the “Akachan Hiroba or Babies’ Open Space” using a diaper-changing sheet.)
If you need any help, please feel free to ask the staff members.

About the Support Room

“Hagu Hagu no Ki” serves as a back office, which has a training room and a clerk’s office room.
Training Room (Meeting Room)
The Training Room (Meeting Room) holds the classes, trainings, and meetings on childcare and parenting support.
It is also available for parenting support groups to have meetings.
Clerk’s Office Room
The Clerk’s Office Room includes Yokohama Childcare Support System Minami Ward Branch.

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